Installation and operation of charging stations and charging modules.

Groen-Eco offers the charging solution for property owners and managers.

The laws and regulations governing charging infrastructure and charging stations are changing rapidly. For example, changes were made in 2020 and new measures apply from 2025.

It has also been determined that new cars, starting in 2030, are no longer allowed to emit CO2.

You are obliged to meet these new requirements.

Simply put, it is time to prepare for a sustainable future.

Groen-Eco realizes
charging solutions.

Based on the data collected during the preliminary study, we determine the number of modules and possible future needs.

You don’t have to do anything else, we do it for you: from placing, managing, and monitoring to maintaining the charging stations. We can offer a suitable solution for all problems. If desired, we also invest in building the infrastructure and help cover installation costs.

The charging stations are connected to the building owner’s electricity grid. As an owner, you receive a compensation per kWh sold.

This is how we provide your employees, customers, guests or members with electric mobility.

Do you want to be completely carefree?

From placement to invoicing

At Groen-Eco, we take care of everything: from placement to invoicing and payment of the agreed compensation tariff.

Operating Agreement

The operating agreement you enter into has a term of 10 years and in those 10 years, you can facilitate this 100%.

24/7 helpdesk

We ensure that your charging stations continue to function properly with our 24/7 helpdesk.

Future-proof charging network

As an entrepreneur, a future-proof charging network requires you to do virtually nothing. You focus on your business and we focus on operating the charging stations we have installed at your property.

Through this, you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions with minimal effort, you enhance your professional image and sustainable reputation.

Satisfied customers throughout the Netherlands.

World Trade Center Almere

10 double wall models

Orlyplein Amsterdam

15 double wall models

Stadionstraat Breda

10 dual charging stations on their own Network connection

Bemelerweg Cadier en Keer

2 double charging stations

Van Stolkweg Den Haag

2 double charging stations

Medisch Spectrum Twente

10 double wall models

Hospital Tjongerschans

7 dual charging stations

Edisonbaan Nieuwegein

24 single charging stations

Marten Meesweg Rotterdam

2 double charging stations

Tupolevlaan Schiphol-Rijk

4 double charging stations

Postweg De Cocksdorp

30 Charging stations

Pompmolenlaan Woerden

2 double charging stations

Slagharen Amusement Park

36 double charging stations, in the park and main parking lot

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