Taking care of you completely in the procedure, from start to finish

How Groen-Eco does this

Groen-Eco installs, manages, and operates charging stations. Reliable, hassle-free and meeting your requirements. You benefit from the facilities without having to invest and you don’t have to worry about a thing, Groen-Eco takes care of everything from start to finish! You receive a compensation per kWh based on the cost of your electricity connection.


Based on data collected during preliminary research, determination of the number of modules and estimation of future needs.


Enter into an operating agreement stating that, under conditions to be agreed upon, we will install charging stations.


Install, manage, maintain, and operate charging stations.


The usage is monitored and if required – in consultation with you – additional charging points are installed.

Your contribution

You only invest in the installation costs. This means, among other things, that you make sure that the power cables are hung or laid in the right places with sufficient length. Of course, we will advise you on this. The electricity consumption of the charging stations will be advanced by you, but you will receive a compensation based on the amount you pay per kWh to your energy supplier. The conditions we agree on are laid down in a 10-year operating agreement. If desired, Groen-Eco can also contribute to the installation costs.


Groen-Eco handles everything from installation to billing the agreed compensation fee.

Compensation fee

10-year operating agreement with compensation fee.

100% operational

After installation, Groen-Eco ensures that your charging stations continue to operate properly.

Charging stations

Standing or wall-mounted modules?

At Groen-Eco, you can choose an in-ground charging station and/or a wall-mounted charging station. Our charging stations are suitable for all electric and plug-in hybrid cars. They are made of high-quality material and feature the latest technology in electric charging. They are also vandal-proof and very suitable for placement in public areas.

Premium quality

With a charging station from Groen-Eco you choose top quality. Our charging stations have a beautiful design and are also easy to use. You can even choose to provide the charging stations with your own company branding. They have the latest technology making them future-proof. Thanks to Smart Charging* Technology, they have a lower load on the electricity network, allowing you to place multiple charging modules at your premises.

* smart  charging takes into account the total load on the property’s electricity system.

AC charging station or DC quick charger

Groen-Eco has the so-called AC (alternating current) charging station or a DC (direct current) fast charger in its product range. With a DC fast charger, it is possible – as the name expresses – to charge the car even faster. We offer these quick chargers in a 40 kW to a 120 kW variant.


Number of charging points per charging station: 2
Max. charging capacity: 22kW AC per socket
Required connection meter cupboard: 2×63 amps
Network connection: 4G or Ethernet
DC and ground fault protection
Current imbalance prevention

Dynamic Load Management

  • Always the maximum power available per charging point;
  • Charge current is determined by measurement of total available power in combination with grid connection;
  • In many cases, no heavier grid connection required.

A More Sustainable and Cleaner Future

Sustainable business is important to us: that’s why green is the common thread in our company. Together, we reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a cleaner future.

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